Screening of “Bridge”

Magic 2.0

The esoteric form of magic, called magick by occultists, involves three types of phenomena. All three have been extensively tested in psi research, and at least two of those types are known to exist with very high degrees of scientific confidence. This means magic also exists. However, taboos about magic are so strong that the evidence is not only ignored by the scientific mainstream, the psi-magic connection is nearly invisible to the very field that studies it — parapsychology. I will explore why this is so, and I will present a modest revision of the prevailing scientific worldview that accommodates all of existing science, plus psi and magic.

The Future of Consciousness Research

Decades of research have examined anomalies which challenge a one-way street interpretation of the nature of reality (in which matter gives rise to consciousness), in favour of a more subtle, conditional, and contingent interplay between the material and immaterial aspects of existence. But how shall we bridge between the past and the future of consciousness research? How do we inspire a younger generation of researchers to be bold, and to also continue to build what hard-won credibility has been painstakingly built over time for the field of parapsychology? What doors can new technologies such as virtual reality, mobile devices, and big data open for the field of consciousness research? And what is the relevance of this research in today’s society? Join Cassandra Vieten, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the future of consciousness research.