Conclusions and Implications

The Transformative Power of NDEs

During the course of my prospective hospital research it was evident that NDEs occur and have very real, sometimes life changing, effects on those who experience them. It is therefore paramount that all healthcare workers are educated about NDEs to ensure that patients can be directed to the necessary support to help fully integrate such a transformational experience. I will discuss the transformative power of near-death experiences and give examples of people who feature in my forthcoming book co-authored with Kelly Walsh.

Veterans and Near Death Experiences

We know veterans are committing suicide at the rate of 20 service members a day. Is there a way we can help address this terrible statistic with a new intervention and different approach? Currently, NDEs are not addressed at all in their care, yet recently new research shows that 48% of combat related service members are having NDEs in addition to their other injuries and emotional trauma. I am proposing we look at helping veterans across the globe with a new approach.


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