The Alef TrustThe Alef Trust is a global leader in transformative education and training in the areas consciousness,  transpersonal and spiritual psychology. We provide postgraduate education and community programmes, which promote holistic psychological frameworks and perspectives, nurturing the development of human consciousness and culture. We also undertake research and provide consultancy and leadership for private and public sector organisations, building creative community projects and business engagements.

Alef Trust is a not-for-profit community-interest organization offering online university-accredited Graduate Programmes and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional and personal development. We foster holistic educational, community and cultural activities that emphasize transpersonal perspectives and transformational learning opportunities.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to build transformative learning communities, supporting people to grow as change makers in their lives, their communities, and their professional areas. We recognise that these unprecedented times call for a deeper presence, uniting spiritual practice and discernment with a profound sense of service in the world. We believe that we need to re-envision our ways of being, so that humanity may find greater peace and may thrive in relationship with Gaia and her diverse ecosystems.


In this short meeting we would like to introduce you to the Alef Trust and one aspect of our work, the Conscious Community Project. In this initiative we are supporting members of our community to devise and lead transformational projects around the world, serving a range of critical causes – from education and wellbeing, to nature and sustainability, including:

“Mend” – Stitching lives together (Tania Botoulas, South Africa). A support group for mothers of children with severe learning difficulties, with activity focus around learning the art of stitching and appliqué.

Sentient – A New Kinder Media (Owen Fender & Lila Moore, UK and Israel). A deep-dive into how creative and transpersonal events can be co-created online and offline, using new technologies to build deeper human connections.

Transforming Land, Transforming People (Paula Staunton, Earth Moves, UK). A transpersonal permaculture project, transforming land and people.

Inner Healing for Outer Health: a course in integrated medicine (Hennie Geldenhuys, South Africa).

Learning through Integrative Practice (Victor Jivanescu, Romania). A 12-week programme, introducing to Integrative Practice to adults in a community in Romania.

Integrative Yoga Programme (Laura Harvey, UK). An online course for yoga practitioners, nurturing their wellbeing and integrative development through and beyond yoga practice.

To find out more about the Alef Trust and our programmes, visit: