The Alef TrustThe Alef Trust is a global leader in transformative education and training in the areas consciousness,  transpersonal and spiritual psychology. We provide postgraduate education programmes and community programmes, which promote holistic psychological frameworks and perspectives, nurturing the development of human consciousness and culture. We also undertake research and provide consultancy and leadership for private and public sector organisations, building creative community projects and business engagements.

Alef Trust is a not-for-profit community-interest organization offering online transformational Graduate Programmes and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional and personal development. We foster holistic educational, community and cultural activities that emphasize transpersonal perspectives and transformational learning opportunities.

The Alef originates as a glyph depicting an ox in the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet and may have roots going back to the Egyptian hieroglyph of an ox’s head. The modern letter A derives from these origins, with the ox’s two horns having become inverted over its long evolution. The connection to the ox for this, the first letter of the alphabet, emphasises the raw, untamed energy of creation and the journey towards channelling this energy into constructive directions. The spiritual connotations of this journey are exemplified by the famous ox-herding images in the Zen tradition, based in turn on an older Taoist story. In Hebrew, the Alef becomes a silent letter mystically depicting the nothingness from which all derives. It is this profound dynamic between the silence of our innermost being and the potent energy underlying all creativity that the Alef Trust seeks to foster in all its work. The Alef depicts the infinite potential that facilitates individual and collective transformation.

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